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Trivia Crack Game for the iOS

Who said that games don’t teach lessons? There are a lot of genres of games, but in today’s article, we are going to talk about a particular trivia game for Apple’s mobile phones.

The Trivia Crack Game for the iOS is probably one of the best trivia games for the Apple iOS mobile phone platform.

To better understand what this game is about, here are the game’s features:

  • Hundreds of thousands of exciting questions
  • You can create your own questions in the Factory
  • Over 20 game languages
  • Chat with your opponents
  • Collectable card collection

The Trivia Crack Game for the iOS is by no means any different from other Trivia games in that it sports the same gameplay as other trivia games on the app store. But, Trivia Crack Game for the iOS mobile phones does have vibrant graphics which pretty much makes up for the lack of game innovation.

The premise of the game is simple; you will spin a magical wheel named Willy and whatever category he will stop to, that’s where your questions will come from. You can answer as many trivia questions as you can. If you’ve given a wrong answer, an opponent of yours can steal the question, and they too can answer as many as they want.

Each correct answer will earn you a crown. The first person to get six crowns will win the game (and some bragging rights as well).

Back in the day, my family really wanted to play a lot of trivia games. What I love about trivia games is that I can know many different things and I can have a really fun time playing as well.

The Trivia Crack Game for the iOS mobile phones does offer over 20 language support which caters for most people all around the world. There are also some premium cards you can collect by garnering different achievements throughout the game.

Test your knowledge with this amazing iOS mobile phone game. The game has five categories you can choose from (via Willy): Art, Entertainment, History, Geography, and Science.

If you truly want to test your mettle, you can play against other players online, all around the world!

By answering questions correctly, you not only get crowns but you also get highly coveted characters at the same time. Think of these characters as your avatar, since well, this game does not really make use of any moving or anything. The thing will move is just your brain trying to scour for the right information.

This Apple mobile phone game was developed by an Argentinian company called Etermax. They first released this game in their native country and since this app got really popular in Argentina, the company decided to release it for the entire world to enjoy.

So, if you’ve got what it takes to be the next trivia game King (or Queen), then definitely try this game out. The Trivia Crack Game for the iOS mobile phones is free to download on the Apple App store.