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The Mind Diet

We all know that there literally thousands of diets out there. Some of them are originals while some of them spawn from combining two of the most popular.

Today, we are going to take a look at a specific diet that not only helps you lose weight, but it also decreases your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease as well.

I am talking about the MIND diet or otherwise known as the Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay. As you can tell from the long name, the MIND diet is a combination of the DASH diet and the Mediterranean diet.

Now, what is the premise of the MIND diet? Well, here are the important facts you need to know about the MIND diet:

  1. Eat lots of “Brain-healthy” foods. What you eat can have an impact on your health, and that is especially true when it comes to your brain. The MIND diet is centered on eating brain-healthy foods each and every day. In fact, the people behind the MIND diet said that it is best that you eat at least 10 brain-healthy food groups each day.
  2. The MIND diet is effective in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. Martha Clare Morris, the person who created the MIND diet, said that seniors who underwent the MIND diet had significantly reduced their chances of developing this degenerative disease. The MIND diet helped reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease of 80 seniors (a study that was conducted by Dr. Morris found that the longer people were on the diet, the lesser their chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease).
  3. What you Should Eat. As mentioned previously, the MIND diet centers on the premise that you need to eat mostly brain-healthy foods. This also means that you must severely cut, or possibly even eliminate, unhealthy and processed foods. Here are just some of the foods that you need to eat when you are on the MIND diet:
  1. Green Leafy Vegetables– Six servings a week or more
  2. Vegetables– Should always be in the menu
  3. Nuts– Eat at least 5 servings per week
  4. Berries– Eat a lot of berries, or, at least two servings per week. Opt for Blueberries as they also contain antioxidants
  5. Beans– Three portions per week
  6. Whole Grains– Should be incorporated in every meal of the day
  7. Fish– Three times a week. Opt for fish that is rich in Omega-3 such as Salmon
  8. Poultry- Two times a Week and not exceeding 4 times
  9. Olive Oil– This will be your main oil as this is one of the healthiest out there
  10. Wine– A glass a day won’t hurt. In fact, it is encouraged when you are on the MIND diet

Since you will be eating mostly brain-healthy foods, weight-loss is also accompanied by having a healthy mind. When you have a healthy mind, you will have a better decision-making capability, and thus, you will choose healthier foods inherently when you are on the MIND diet.

This is one of the most doable diets as there are a lot of brain-healthy foods out there on the market. Since the MIND diet is still fairly new, you may want to ask a dietitian for a meal plan that is specifically designed for you.

As a final remark, the MIND diet is one of the most popular diet bridging two of the most well-known diets around. If you want to live long and decrease your risk of developing Alzheimer’s, the MIND diet is your best bet.

Slim-Fast Diet

What happens when you hear the words “Slim” and “Fast”? They sound very appealing to you, right? I mean, you want to get a slim figure while losing it as fast as possible. A lot of people want that as well, and there is a particular diet that was tailor-made for such people.

Today, we’re going to focus on the Slim-Fast diet. As the name implies, the Slim-Fast diet is a diet program that is specifically designed to help you lose weight as fast as humanly possible. You do this by eating only a maximum of 1,200 calories per day.

The majority of the meals will be replaced by Shakes. These shakes are healthy because they provide you with Macronutrients that your body needs. These Macronutrients are Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat.

As of this time of writing, the Shake that is going to replace some of your meals comprise of 20g of protein, Fiber that satisfies your fiber requirement in a day, and it only has 1g of sugar to taste.

slim-fastAlong with shakes, you can also eat snack bars as well. This is to curb any of your cravings when you’re on the diet.

So, how does this diet work? Well, they follow a 3-2-1 diet model wherein you eat 3 100-calorie snacks (that is provided by the slim-fast dietitian), 2 meal replacements (where you drink shake instead of eating a full meal), and 1, 500-calorie meal of your choosing (provided that you include fruits and vegetables in it).

For that one, 500- calorie meal a day, you should put vegetables such as eggplants, green beans, carrots, spinach, broccoli, to name a few. It should also contain lean protein such as beef, tofu, pork and chicken (make sure you remove the chicken’s skin). Lastly, you also need to include starchy foods like Potatoes, Brown rice, pasta or bread.

Most people who have tried this diet are pleased with the results. Some people report to have lost 1-2 pounds per week, and they keep it off as well. If you’re diligent and determined to lose weight, you’ll lose a lot of pounds in 2 months time!

Now that we’ve discussed the positives of the Slim-fast diet, we’ll now tackle on the negatives. Some people dropped out of the diet program because the shakes and snack bars, although tasty and healthy, can be a drudgery to eat in the long term.

Also, when you’re on the Slim-fast diet, it is encouraged that you do at least 30-minutes of physical exercise to complement the diet plan. As we all know, people dread exercising for that long, and may drop out of the program because of it.

Still, there are a lot of people who are very satisfied with this diet plan. This is one of the only diet plans out there that really does not restrict too much of what you want to eat, provided that you still eat within the bounds of the Slim-Fast diet.

If you want to have a solid diet plan that doesn’t restrict you as much, then the Slim-fast may be appropriate for you.