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Are mobile phone signal boosters legal?

Mobile phone signal boosters can be legal and illegal. It all depends on what type of mobile phone signal boosters you are using, where you are using and for what purpose. Ideally, if you are getting poor reception or a very weak cell phone signal, then you must be within your rights to improve the signal for your convenience but due to the type of technology being used and owing to legislations in different countries, the legality of mobile phone signal boosters is not uniform. In the United States, using mobile phone signal boosters is considered to be legal.  signal-boosterThe FCC has worked with several manufacturers of mobile phone signal boosters for many years and the process also had the active and observatory participation of major cell phone networks or carriers. After much deliberation and formal approvals, the FCC has allowed the use of mobile phone signal boosters. The FCC has certain checkpoints in place to ensure that using mobile phone signal boosters is safe and not being misused. There are steps in place to check if such devices or such installations will interfere with the efficiency and coverage of the existing and new carriers or mobile phone networks. Any device or installation of mobile phone signal boosters that will adversely affect the coverage of existing or new cellular networks, will cause problems to other consumers or cell phone users and if there are any potential hazards due to using the specific models of mobile phone signal boosters, then the devices or installations can be disallowed. In a broad sense, using mobile phone signal boosters for personal reasons, for commercial purposes, either on buildings and in homes or on vehicles and at remote locales is legally permissible in the United States. In the United Kingdom, mobile phone signal boosters are legal but there are certain types which are illegal to use. According to the law, using any repeater device which has the ability to transmit or re-transmit any signal in any specific frequency band being used by cellular networks is held to be illegal. This luxury is only permissible to registered and licensed mobile networks or carriers. Only the operators of the mobile networks, existing and new, will be able to use such devices, especially repeaters. Any violation of this law can lead to a hefty fine in the UK or imprisonment of up to a year. However, the law clearly makes repeaters illegal. There are many other types of mobile phone signal boosters which people can use in the UK