5 Easiest Plants To Take Care Of – A Guide For Beginners

So you’ve decided to have a new hobby and that happens to be taking care of plants. But, you are afraid that it can be too complicated and that it would result in a lot of empty pots filled with withered stems and leaves. It doesn’t have to be like that. You can start this new project by getting plants that are not high-maintenance and that don’t require that much work. What is more, you can have plenty of benefits from these plants. They can make your air better and improve your mood. So for this reason, we’ll list the plants that you should get if you are at the beginning of your gardening career. 


Almost all succulents are very easy to take care of simply because they don’t need plenty of water. And Aloe is no exception. Aloe is either stemless or has a very short stem that can hardly be seen. It has thick, long, green leaves that are filled with a jelly texture that has proven to have healing powers. It needs to be placed in a warm place where there is plenty of light. Also, you can let the solid dry out before you water it the next time. 


Another beautiful plant on our list that is also very easy to take care of is lavender. This perennial plant can grow up to 60 centimeters (2 feet). Lavender has gorgeous purple flowers that have a high level of essential oils. This is why this plant is used in different industries for its amazing smell. And all it needs is a sunny spot in your house with infrequent watering.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant also known as the Mother in laws tongue can be a very stylish addition to any room that you decide to put it in. This plant can tolerate very dry air and even low light. This resilient succulent can grow to be several feet high. Snake plant is known to be an air purifier that tends to remove toxic pollutants. 

Spider Plant

Chlorophytum comosum, or the Spider plant can frequently be found in many households. This plant is native to the coasts of South Africa and it has very narrow leaves that arise from one central point. Its leaves are usually green with white and yellow.


Many people who have children or pets, stay away from cacti. But these succulents are extremely easy to look after since they can keep water for a long time, so you can water them every once in a Blue Moon. They come in different shapes, and all you need is a good spot in the house where they will serve as the perfect decoration.

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