5 Fun and Relaxing Apps

Stress is dangerous. There are times when we feel overwhelmed by our problems and it starts affecting all other aspects of our life, like our work, relationships, family, and friends. However, there is a way to combine entertainment with health benefits not only by the possibility to play lotto online but also in the form of mobile apps. We have made a humble list of games and apps you can use to combat the anxiety creeping behind you every day. Here are our top fun and relaxing apps.

7 Cups

This isn’t a game, but a tool to find someone to talk to when you truly need it. The app provides a safe space to chat about your troubles. Alternatively, you can help out others that are experiencing issues by lending them your ear.

There are also a few hundred exercises to keep your stress levels in check.

Talk to people that experience the same issues as you, or to licensed therapists.The app is free with a premium option.

Alto’s Adventure

If you want something simple, yet action-packed to help you escape reality for a while, check out Alto’s Adventure. The game consists of your character cascading down the slopes in hope of catching up with your herd while mysterious men are right on your tail. The game is free and it features smooth gameplay, awesome visuals, and achievements to track your progress.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley costs around $4 and it’s worth every penny. It’s a puzzle game that helps you unwind by helping your character go from point A to point B.

What’s nice about this game is its design that is not overly complicated or detailed. You can spend hours on end navigating through castle mazes and it will help you cope, as well as give your brain a slight workout.


This app is perfect if you want to check out meditation techniques and are not sure where to start. There are meditation sessions and tutorials with a timeframe that’s perfect for busy people on the go. It also gives you a handful of guides to help you deal with stress and anxiety, teaching you how to handle unpleasant situations. Breathe in and give it a go.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

You may have heard of a thing called the circadian rhythm. That is the natural biorhythm that lets us be the best we can be if we follow it. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock allows you to time your naps for the perfect measure of rest and relaxation throughout the day, especially if there is not much time in your schedule. Use it right, and your productivity will skyrocket, leaving your blood pressure way behind. It also helps if you have a snoring problem. You’ll get advice based on your rhythm and a slight nudge to wake up gradually.

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