Blockchain Benefits for Best Botanical Bloom

There has been a lot of talk on blockchain ever since the whole BitCoin business. As it turns out, this technology can be used for much more than just mining digital currencies. We are going to take a closer look at what blockchain is and try to figure out how it can affect gardening.


The reason cryptocurrencies developed a huge amount of popularity in a short time is that it was a novelty that people enjoyed, and there was very little room for fibbing and fraud. This novelty persisted and allowed us to pay for things digitally without stamping our name onto every transaction. Furthermore, a lot of online casinos are now starting to offer payment in bitcoin and even offer bonuses for new players, like the Bitstarz bonus code 2019.

Cryptocurrencies function so well because they are backed up by blockchain technology. Every transaction carries with it a list of the previous transactions, and that data is shared peer-to-peer, so there is no way for a person to make false claims about transactions. All of the data about transactions is available to everyone, so there is no possibility of double-spending.

Transparency and Tracking

In any business or complex hobby, you need to know what you are doing, as well as what’s happening pretty much all the time. Blockchain tech allows all of the steps in a process to be transparent. This is very important, as it helps us determine where the problems in a process are.

Imagine getting a faulty can of food. Blockchain technology can track down exactly where and when the food was canned, and to stop further incidents. It doesn’t have to be a faulty can. It is certainly possible to track expired or diseased food, financial frauds and other issues present in the process of getting the food to your table.

Consider, for example, a farm or company that claims that all of their produce is organic. With the tracking capabilities we have with this tech, it will be possible to see whether they are fibbing or not. There is no more need for blind faith when it comes to product declaration.

But What about My Small Garden?

We have already talked about what blockchain can do in terms of cryptocurrency and farming. Every transaction and every change is carefully documented and shared by all. However, we have not addressed the issue of small gardens and whether they can benefit from this system.

Blockchain can help even people with small gardens, though it does this on a smaller scale. To grow a garden, you need tools, soil, and seeds. With this tech, you can track down the manufacturer and each step of the process to make sure that the product that you are holding in your hands is up to standard.

Furthermore, if blockchain proves its worth and you have a green thumb and a good business sense, it might be a good idea to consider a career in farming. Who knows? You might be one of the first in your area to come up with a sustainable and expanding farm with transparent transactions. Good luck!

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