Design Your Room to Look like a Casino

Have you ever wanted to make your guests feel like they are in Atlantic City or Las Vegas? This could be just something you have come up for a party, or there is a reason you wish to summon the atmosphere and the class you find in casinos into your home so you could get your casino games and Casino promo codes at the same time. Regardless of your motives, here are a few tips and tricks on how to decorate your room to look like a casino.


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a casino? That’s right, it’s the colors. Decorate your room with red and black, to bring roulette and poker to life in your apartment. Black and red sheets, chairs, and curtains will make you feel like you’ve just stepped into a James Bond movie. When choosing a color, you should know that the shade is just as important. You want your red and black to seem classy, not worn out. For example look for Venetian Red and Vampire Black.

Feel free to skip out on gold, as too much of it may seem tacky. There is another color that you can involve in your table and desk covers – green. It is perfect for those stay-at-home poker nights with your friends.


When it comes to furniture, disregard armchairs, save maybe two. For a real casino feel, search around for black leather chairs. If that doesn’t work, you can always settle for computer desk chairs of better quality, as they not only look good, they also protect your back and posture.

If you have a bar in your room, that would be an amazing addition to the décor, since barstools can add to the style even when your guests don’t feel like playing, opting instead to have a drink or two and relax. The table in the room should be round for a smaller room, and a large rectangular one for a bigger room meant to entertain large parties. Look around for the appropriate table colors to complete the illusion. If that’s not possible simply add a green cover.

The bed should be out of the room, or out of sight. Of course, you can pull off a black leather sofa, but that’s about it. Remember that these tips are merely advice, and you should take them 100% to heart. See what works for you and the area you have available to experiment.


You can go elegant or you can go quirky. Supplement the décor with cognac and whiskey glasses, dice and bright lights to invoke the casinos. If you and your company have a sense of humor and are not afraid of bold choices, you can find taborets with a design that makes that look like cards or dice.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t go above and beyond when greeting guests. Put on your best black tie, or find the wardrobe that shouts ‘casino host’ or ‘casino guest’. Your nights are about to become much more entertaining.

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