Good Luck Charms for Your Home

Some minor decorations can seem out of place in a home. This is because they are usually not a part of the décor, but separate items with, possibly, mysterious powers. While being superstitious is frowned upon, there is no harm in keeping a charm or two to decorate your house and bring you good fortune.

However, the question remains: which charms should I keep and what do they do? Join me and we will find out together.

Wind Chimes

Even if you don’t believe in luck, wind chimes are exotic and elegant at the same time. They are said to bring money and good luck into a person’s home. For the best effect, place it outside your home, or at the entrance. The purpose of this is not just to make things go your way, but also to allow wind chimes to make beautiful music every time the wind blows.

A Bowl of Fruit

You may have already seen it in some homes, but a bowl of fruit is much more than a simple container with food. Supposedly, it also acts as a ward against bad luck. It attracts prosperity and health. If you’re not all that impressed with potential good luck, consider how wholesome your table will seem with a bowl of fruit on it. Wax fruit is for those that don’t eat fruit all the time but want their room to appear natural and fresh.

A Horseshoe

Hanging a horseshoe above your door protects your home from evil. In the folklore of many cultures, especially far in the European north, evil creatures are often weak against iron. It’s best if it is attached firmly to the wall, so as not to turn into an extremely unlucky charm for someone walking under it at an inopportune time.


Elephants symbolize positive energy, stability, and strength. It is a good idea to have a small figurine of an elephant near the door to protect it while greeting your visitors or have it as a tasteful decoration on your table or desk.

What about Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a bit of a complex topic and merits its own post for a more complete analysis. However, there are some Feng Shui basics that apply to home maintenance as well. Here they are.

No Clutter

There should be no junk in your way, period. Misplaced clothes, food dishes in different rooms and trash distract you from what’s important in life. Keeping your home clean will bring you good fortune in more ways than one.

Let the Sunshine In

This is no joke – a well-lit room is full of positive energy. It doesn’t matter whether this positive energy comes from a mystical place or it’s simply an atmosphere that affects our mood. The light from the outside will make things go your way.


It is associated with good luck but common sense agrees – air out your rooms regularly. Your health will be eternally grateful for this. Fresh air means more oxygen for your brain, meaning more productivity and smarter thinking.

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