Online Gardening Games You Must Play

When it comes to video games, there is almost no activity left to make a game about. It all had started with classic shooters and sports that later evolved into the newest MMO and RPG releases. Not to mention casino games like the ones you can play with the Casiplay bonus code. Millions of people from all over the world enjoy gardening or at least try to get good at it, so the fact that there are hundreds of gardening-related online games doesn’t sound strange at all.

Even though there are plants that can withstand various weather and temperature conditions, playing a gardening game and forgetting about your plants is a lot less harmful than doing it for real. Moreover, there are games that can be played in order to learn something new about gardening and maybe get into it for real after a while. We’ve made a list of the most popular online gardening games that you should definitely try out.

Gardenscapes 2 – Hidden Objects

If you have recently played any online game on a smartphone, chances are you’ve seen an advertisement for Gardenscapes 2. Although the first game was, and still is, extremely popular, the developers decided to market the second one really hard just to keep the hype levels up. The mission in this game is to find hidden objects across 80 different scenes and help Austin renovate the house. If you played the first game, you know that Austin was the butler of the place.

Plant Tycoon – Adventure

Plant Tycoon – Adventure is made for those who are willing to devote a bit more time to the game and take it more seriously than Gardenscapes 2. You are trying to organize your garden in the best possible way, making it look aesthetically pleasing to those who visit it. Besides learning a lot about different plants, you’ll also have to find healthy seeds, get the right amount of pollen, and save up money obtained from selling yield.


What makes the game even more interesting is that you get a few seeds at the beginning, thinking that there’s only five to ten, maybe twenty different plants available in the game. However, after you perform cross-pollination for the first time, you realize that the number rapidly increases. In fact, you can get more than 500 different plants in the game by cross-pollination.

Garden Defense – Time Management

Although all three games from our list are garden-themed, each one offers something new and presents a different genre. This time we have the good old tower defense-like game, but with a little twist. You’re not managing soldiers or balloons but plants. Different plants have different specifications in terms of the damage, attack rate and the attack range they output. Make sure to check the upcoming waves of enemies in order to place the best set-up on the screen!

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