Tips on Growing a Garden in Your Flat

At first, it seems impossible, and many among us forego our dream of creating a pretty little garden. When we imagine a garden we would grow, we unmistakably drift towards dreams of large mazes, rose bushes, and bonsai trees in the yard that are to be looked at and enjoyed. However, it is possible to grow a garden inside your flat. Here are a few tips on how to do it and where.

Roof Access

See if you can make an arrangement with the people from your building that would allow you to go to the roof and plant your garden there. In some neighborhoods, it might be a long shot, but it’s definitely an option worth considering. Depending on your arrangement, you can grow all kinds of plants and veggies without tripping all over yourself and the flower beds.


This is the best alternative to large-scale gardens you could enjoy – the terrace. You can use flowerpots, flower beds, or do what my mother did and convert a broken plastic wash basin and grow cherry tomatoes and peppers! It’s a neat way to make the most of the area you have available. Speaking of which, you can try built-in and hanging pots as well.


For those of us with spatially challenged arrangements, to make most of the light available, consider windowsills. We urge you to grow the plants on the inside, rather than outside to prevent potential serious injury to the pedestrians. Other than that, it’s a great use of space, and the light from the closed window gives your plants the same benefits as if they were grown in a greenhouse.

Vertical Gardens Inside

You can repurpose an old shoe rack or something similar to get the benefit of many plants in a single area.

Set aside some room for your vertical garden, and watch your flower buddies grow.

One point to make, though, is that you need to make sure the area that you’ve chosen gets

plenty of sunlight and doesn’t get into anyone’s way.

Community Garden

If all else fails, there is one more alternative for the people with a few extra bucks each week – community gardens. You get your own section, plant whatever you want and reap the benefits. The downside is that it’s not in your apartment and commuting to community gardens can be troublesome.


One final piece of advice for the fledgling gardeners – make it a routine to wake up and check up on your plants every morning or evening. That way, you can check their progress, water them, change the soil if necessary, kill the weeds, and take care of your little darlings.

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