Top 5 Virtual Garden Apps to Help You Grow Your Own

Technology has changed and with it, humanity. We all accept applications and technology into our daily lives, using it to make our days easier, to make our tasks simpler. From police officers to firefighters, everybody uses applications to connect and communicate or use a service to make their lives easier. 

Given the mobile nature of our modern age, everybody is catering to mobile users, including online sportsbooks, which offer bonuses and coupons like this Quinnbet Coupon Code. You can do everything with applications, from learning how to cook to organizing your own virtual garden. Here are the best applications for virtual gardening to help you with your real garden.

Grow Your Own

When a governing body and something that stands for an authority on a certain topic releases an informative application, people line up and listen, or in this case, download. The Royal Horticultural Society has created this application with the intention of teaching people how to approach gardening. See virtual plants and organize your garden, find tools which can help you both in the virtual space and with your real garde. The RHS knows what they are doing so you might benefit from their experiences.

My Soil

When modern technology meets regular everyday people, they tend to benefit. My Soil is an application which can help analyze your soil. Soil is very important for plants, because some of them will not be able to grow or develop at all if the soil is incompatible. On another note, soil is not the only thing that might be preventing your plants from growing, but it is definitely important. Analyze it and adapt with My Soil.

Garden Plan Pro

The name itself should be suggestive of what you can expect to get with this application. If you wanted to plan your own garden but had no idea where to start, this is the application for you. With Garden Plan Pro, you can select the plants that you want, and they will be organized for you. You will also benefit from having an analysis of the weather in your area, as well as a long-term plan.


The i has become really popular when it comes to naming applications. This one, however, is not related to Apple, but is to gardening. Have your own images uploaded to the app, and then see your garden come alive in virtual reality. Add flowers, plants and turn it into anything you want. This application might seem like a garden simulator, but it is so much more than that. You can share garden plans and get ideas from other people, thus making everything easier for beginners and those completely new to gardening.

Home Design 3D and Gardening

This application is basically a virtual reality garden, as well as one if you want to design your home alongside your garden. Gardening with this application is easy, because you can just place and organize your plants without actually having to worry for their health, whether the soil is right, the nutrients, not to mention the temperature, how frequently they need water and Sun exposure.

Gardening does not need to be as difficult as the elderly “experts” make it out to be. Download these applications to get a head start and enjoy watching your plants grow.

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