Top Colors to Decorate Your Home This Season

Color is a big factor in proper home décor. They can make a person feel welcome, make the space at your disposal professional and sterile, or give you plenty of loud eye-candy for the creative effect.

Yes, 2018 is almost over, but that definitely does not mean you should give up on following the latest color trends. Decorate your home to match your style and mood. This is where art and practicality meet.

Caviar Black

It is a color of elegance and luxury. Are you hosting a dinner party with finger food? Perhaps you only have distinguished guests. Regardless of the occasion, it makes your company feel like they’re in the presence of mysterious royalty.

The color borders on charcoal, so there are no issues when it comes to putting it next to the furniture and items in your home that are dark grey.

Golden Ochre

You want your children to feel sunshine even on a gloomy day. It’s cheerful and cozy. Because it is not loud yellow, there is no eye fatigue or a sense of annoyance, but a feeling of being nurtured and protected.

Even if you don’t have children, we definitely recommend this color for the season, as the cold days are ahead, and we could all use a little more warmth in our lives. If you have an artistic side, all the more reason to bathe your walls in Golden Ochre.

Soft Sage

Soft Sage is like a cardigan. It is comfortable, unobtrusive, and simply there. It provides stability and tranquility.The greenish hue offers some connection to color and nature, but it’s not for the adventurous crowd. If you cherish the things the way they are and you want your home to reflect that, go with this shade.

Ultra Violet

Pantone declared that this color is the color of the year 2018 and it’s easy to see why. It’s bold, daring and romantic. It is favored by artists not afraid to push the boundaries of conventional and who take the life with all its ups and downs to the fullest.

For the full effect, pair it with some white and yellows to emphasize the color by giving it more contrast. Your company will never feel bored in your living quarters again. Ultra Violet is here to stay and spice up our lives.


For those who want to give the impression of someone who has seen the world and all of its charms, palettes are there to complement your stories about the lands beyond the horizon and their cultures. They bring a taste of wholesome wisdom to your home, making you and your guests feel like in a jungle one minute and in the dessert the very next one.

Black and White Combos

Let us turn to classics. Black and white are the opposites that come together marvelously in your home. If you think that this combination is boring and simply not imaginative enough, you are more than welcome to spice it up with some yellow or red. Make sure you don’t go overboard, though, as this combo emits the aura of maturity and seriousness.

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