Turning Your Family into a Chore Eliminating Machine

How many times have you asked your children to clean up after themselves? How many times have you asked your significant other to stop leaving socks on the floor, or to do one simple shopping task before they come home? How many times has that worked for you?

Homemakers, regardless of whether they are male or female, have always struggled to point out the difficulty of proper housework. There is simply no point in doing chores if someone is just going to step over your work and expect the same service from you on a daily basis. Here are a few tips on how to make sure all family members are pitching in.

The Gender Issue

Explain to your family (especially your children) that chores have nothing to do with gender. Daddies can wash the dishes, and mommies can fix the leaky faucet. Make sure your kids understand that there are no jobs for men or women. You should not be spared or burdened based on your gender.

Go, Team!

Everyone lives in the same house or apartment.

As such, we all have our daily obligations that go beyond our school or work.

Grocery shopping, vacuuming, dusting, and cooking are things that should be done by everyone.

If one family member is not pulling their weight, they should be confronted about it.

The Chore Wheel

I know it’s corny, but there is a reason you see this thing time and time again. You write down your family members’ names on a big cardboard wheel, and you pin a smaller wheel on top of it with some chores written down. This makes doing chores fair, and it makes sure everyone does everything at least once in a while. If you have small kids, keep it simple.


Can you cook? Then it’s your job to teach your kids how to do it. As soon as they have got the basics down, you can turn it into their chore to prepare lunch or dinner for the family. It could be a weekly thing and you would supervise them – we are talking about children after all.

The same goes for all of the other types of chores, including changing a light bulb, unclogging the sink and washing the bathtub. Share your knowledge with your family and tell them what you expect of them.

Carrot and Stick

Lastly, your family members should understand that there are consequences for their actions and lack thereof. Reward them if they have done a good job, and punish them if they haven’t. You can turn it into a great experience and motivate them to do their part around the house.

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