Why Does Exercise Make Us Happier?

We all want to be happy, don’t we? But, we are not always happy, nor are we happy all the time, and some people struggle to be happy at all. Happiness can be found through many ways, whether by cheering for your favorite team or by purchasing yourself a gift, such as a smartwatch. 

Sometimes entertainment brings joy to people and that’s why most of us fill our free time with entertaining stuff, be it watching movies, listening to music over a plethora of streaming services or by using the NetBet Bonus Code!

Most people turn to athletics and sports, exercising in general, when they find that they are lacking happiness. Why does exercise make us feel better? Here are a couple of reasons. 


Hormones can change the way we think and feel at any given moment, if they are in excess or lacking in our system. Hormone imbalance can be dangerous, for anyone. Anything which alters hormones in a rapid and uncontrolled, not to mention, artificial way, is dangerous.

But what about exercise? Exercise also changes the way our body does things, especially the way it produces hormones. That part is okay, because it is a natural process.

Exercise leads to an increased production of endorphins, hormones which act as painkillers. They also make us feel more relaxed and make us feel happier. Simply by exercising, one would be less stressed.


Exercise is one of the easiest ways to boost our confidence. Most people who exercise find it that they are much more confident about any other thing in life. Exercising often means following a structure, a plan, executing it to perfection. By following through with exercise routines, our bodies grow stronger and more durable, which in turn leads to a boost in confidence.

This confidence is not just about exercising, but rather about making sure we execute any other thing that we want or set our minds to. Whenever you feel anxious, start exercising and over the course of a week or two, you will be feeling much better.


Exercising is very good for motivation. Exercise requires us to endure through various motions which are difficult, which is the point of an exercise. Given that we have to endure, we get an additional benefit of feeling motivated. 

While starting or going out to exercise does take away some of our motivation, actually finishing an exercise routine gives us even more motivation back. This alone is worth exercising for, not to mention all the other mental and physical health benefits that come with exercise.

If you lack motivation, try exercising regularly, from the smallest steps to a larger goal, and you will feel more motivated to tackle any task. 

Strength, Dexterity and Physical Health

When our bodies are stronger, lighter, more flexible and overall healthier, we tend to feel much better. A slow and rigid body is a terrible thing to be in, while the opposite is much better. 

Exercise helps us achieve this, the freedom of movement, not just regular motion, but something more complex and more daring. From strength training in the gym to extreme sports, exercise gives us freedom by making us stronger and more durable. 

Exercise might not solve all our problems, but it will certainly make most of them have a lesser effect on us. It will also make us happier, and this is why.

Author: admin