7 Cleaning Apps to Help You Clean and Organise Better

Having your house clean has become even more important nowadays, with a global pandemic on our hands. Not everybody wants to clean and some of us view it as a chore, but when you have to take care of not only yourself, things simply have to be done.

Cleaning today is easier because we have access to so many more resources on how to do basically anything. Here are the best applications for cleaning.

Notes App for To-Do Home Routines

Why not simply start by making checklists which will be useful as you get through your day? The more checklists you complete, the greater you will feel. Imagine putting this habit into good use and feeling better after completing a task, when you get awarded a gold star. This is a good place to start, isn’t it?


This application is great because it has visual indicators to help you decide which task is the one you should get to first. Priorities need to be set first because we as humans tend to neglect them or have the wrong priorities as the first ones. This application can help you set them straight, as well as a ton of other features useful for organizing your time.

Clean House

This application goes with the motto, cleaning is easier when you prevent your house from becoming dirty and it also makes fun of itself for stating the obvious. We tend to forget that things are easier when we prevent them, rather than afterward, fixing or curing them. Cleaning on time and preventing things from getting filthier is easy with this application, or easier if one would actually do as it says.

Sweepy: Home Cleaner

This application has more advanced features like syncing with other devices and other family members or members of the household. This application makes it easy for everybody to get in sync and actually divide their labor and keep a house clean. The interface is very user-friendly, making it a great choice for beginner users.

Clean My House

A simple and free application, where you have to take responsibility and create your own tasks. There are pre-existing categories, which should make organizing your tasks and creating a schedule much easier. It takes effort, but the cleaning itself won’t be done through magic, but rather, effort, right?

Our Home

Another application that helps organize and bring together the entire household. It is a great place to start if one wants to get the other family members involved, specifically the children. Sharing tasks and giving out rewards, it is a very handy tool.

Think Dirty

This application is helpful to realize what kind of products you have in your home. Some are not as good as others, meaning that they are toxic. Use this application to scan barcodes and learn about the products you already own, as well as recommendations on what to get.

These are the best cleaning apps to download if you want to start cleaning your home right now. Stay responsible, stay clean.

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