The Pros and Cons of Having a Separate Playroom

It’s not about being trendy and modern – we just want the best for our kids and ourselves. We need to make sure that they are going to develop to be the most they can be. However, we also need to consider our own piece of mind. Maybe a separate playroom for adults could do the trick? Have you ever wondered how to watch the Grand National or your favorite football game without being bothered by anyone else? And do we really need to make a separate room for kids just for their games and toys? As it turns out, there are a lot of things to consider before making the decision final.

Space and Numbers

To put it simply, there is no point in preparing a separate playroom for kids if you live in anything smaller than a three bedroom apartment. The more kids you have, the more difficult the space you have becomes to manage. Say you have two kids and a single bedroom apartment. They could have the bedroom for themselves while you sleep in your living room/kitchen/dining room.

The situation is not much better if it’s a two-bedroom apartment. You have your space, and kids have theirs, but there is just one common area for everything else. Sometimes finances are not on our side, and in these cases, there should not be a separate playroom. At this point, it’s just a luxury.

A Place for Everything

That being said, there are a few benefits to having a room that is just for toys and games. It paves the way for efficiency and cleanliness of your home. Let me explain: if you keep the toys and games in one area, and books and study materials in another, there are no distractions when it comes to schoolwork.

Additionally, you can make your children keep all of their toys and games in this room, thus preventing you from stepping on a toy car or dinosaur every time you knock on their door. They will learn quickly to put away their belongings in proper areas, which aids their organizational skills.

Shared Room vs Playroom

One of the biggest questions regarding this issue is whether you should make your children share a room and have one playroom, or should the kids get each their own room. Having a shared room also boasts a few advantages and disadvantages.

Children who share rooms learn quickly how to coexist with others. They are forced to share a space, and their eating, studying, and sleeping habits affect one another. This is both an upside and a downside, as the levels of frustration experienced by the children can sometimes be heard by your neighbors.

Furthermore, there is the issue of growing up and needing your own space. Teenagers don’t mix too well with younger siblings, especially if they are having company over. Consider this before you put them all in a room together.

So, Should I?

It’s entirely up to you. Having a playroom teaches about responsibility, efficiency and separating work and fun. Having a room for each individual child gives them independence and their own space. Look at what your wallet allows you to do and plan accordingly. There are simply no wrong answers.

Author: admin