Should You Hire a Professional Organizer?

With daily obligations, workload, and personal problems, keeping your home tidy is more than a challenge. While a messy room doesn’t bother slobs and those that believe in creative chaos, it can be hard to concentrate on anything else when you trip on the same toy car three times in one day. How can we deal with this problem?

Spring cleaning creates a place for everything and puts everything in its place, but this is just a temporary solution. This is why many people hire professional organizers. Who are they, what do they charge, and is it worth it?


Professional organizers are there to help you declutter your apartment. They will tear your place apart, trying to decide which of the items you need and which you clearly don’t. For example, your passport and dental records should be kept, while a bus ticket from your time in Germany shouldn’t.

Organizers can help us prioritize our items and set them in designated locations so that they become more accessible. They are not maids, but individuals with strong organizational skills and certificates. Their education and experience make them well-equipped to handle almost anything.

The Fee

It all depends on where you live. Organizers can charge $50-$150 per hour. Keep in mind that the mess they have to tackle can be overwhelming and they might charge extra. Some go so far as to charge you for an initial consult. If you are lucky, you can come across some organizers that will give you a fixed price for an area, like a garage or the basement. It is always a good idea to draw up a contract to state clearly what you expect and what they provide.

Who Gains the Most?

People with OCD and those with strong organizational skills seldom require services from organizers. They already have the entirety of their home mapped out. There is no chance to find towels, clothes, deodorants, or toys where they don’t belong.

Slobs, on the other hand, need help. They either don’t want to keep things organized, or they literally can’t do it. Their focus lies elsewhere, and organizing the apartment presents stress and a waste of time. It is because of this that they are the perfect clients for organizers.

The Bottom Line

Hiring a professional organizer depends on several factors. If you want to hire one, make sure that they already have some certificates and experience to make your home more pleasant. Consider their fee and what you are getting for it. If your home is in a state of disarray, it is quite possible that the cost will be substantial.

Whether you hire an organizer or not depends entirely on you. If you know where your things are and have a system in place, then this would just be an unwarranted expense. If, however, several of your friends have remarked on the state of your home, consider sprucing it up a bit with some professional help.

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